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Time is money
E-filing: Time is money.  Pay Plus will submit your income tax return via the internet over a secured and verified line.  E-filing is IRS certified and decreases the amount of time to your return check.  You can even have those funds deposited directly into your account (usually less than three days). 

Tax Types
Tax Types:  Individual, Partnership, LLP, LLC, Corp., C Corp, Bankruptcy planning, Fiduciary, Exempt Organizations, Gifts, Inheritances, Operating losses, Amended tax returns.  

Guarantee:  Pay Plus guarantees that we will match any quoted costs to prepare your income tax return.  We also guarantee that our accountants will utilize all of their resources and up to date tax codes to maximize your return.  

Free Consultation:   Call for a free consultation today  (213) 621-4433 A Pay Plus representative will go over your financial records, statements and receipts in an effort to maximize your return.     

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